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Class Descriptions

Junior Jazz & Tap Company - Jr. Co. classes are designed to help dancers prepeare for the Jazz & Tap Company classes. In this class, dancers will focus and Jazz, Tap, with some Ballet technique. Class lessons include warm up, light barre work, corner progression, and choreography, This level will also start to work more with technique and flexibility, while still continuing to work on terminology, choreography, stage presence and personality. 

Jazz & Tap Company - The class is focused mainly on Jazz and Tap, with inroductions to Contemporary and Afro Jazz. Class lessons include warm up, light barre work, corner progression and choreography. This level focuses more on technique and flexibility. This level also has a great focus on stage presence and personality. Jazz & Tap Company members are offered small group "specialties" to be performed in our annual recital. These groups consist of solos, duet, trios, etc. 

1st-2nd Grade- This class is the first level in our "Intermediate Childrens' Classes." The focus is on Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Technique and flexibility are introduced in this level, as well as continuing to work on barre & terminology. 

3rd -4th Grade - This class is our "Advanced Children's Class." The focus of this class is Ballet, Tap and Jazz. It also helps prepare dancers for our Junior Company classes. Dancers continue to work on terminolgy, and technique, as well as flexibilty. Dancers from this class are welcomed to take Junior Ballet on Thursdays.

Boys Hip Hop- This is class is for our male dancers from K-6th grade, and designed on the dancing of our Boys! Introductory Hip Hop will be taught. (Boys are welcomed to participate in all of our classes, not just this class.)

First Year Babies - This class is our introductory beginner children's class starting at age 3. The focus on this class is Ballet ...and singing! Our goal is to introduce these young dancers to class structure. We start the class with a cirlce warm up, then one a time corner proressions, and choreography. We break up the class with games and singing. Our First Year babies are introduced to the studio in a "Miss Milford Pageant" in our annual Spring Recital.

Second Year Babies, Pre-K - This class is is our second level of the beginner children's class focusing on Ballet & Tap. While continuing the lesson plans from the previous year, Tap is introduced. 

Adults - Our adult class is open to everyone ages 18 and up, and a perfect way to break up the week! The class is mainly focused on Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Tap. The level of the class is varied depending on the levels of the dancers, but is more geared to working out and having fun!! The adult class is included in our recital for those who wish to participate!

Petite/Junior Hip Hop - This class is open to dancers in 1st - 7th grade. The focus is on Introduction to Hip Hop. The class includes warm up, crunches, some corner progressions and choreography. The class is more of a "have fun" atmosphere. 

Junior Ballet Company- Junior Ballet is open to grades 4th-8th, and is in preperation for Company Ballet. Terminology is continued, and technique are striclty enforced. Ballet barre & corner work are introduced. The level of choreography is more advanced than regular classes. 

Company Ballet - Company ballet is open to grades 9th-12th (with exceptions under the discretion of Miss Stephanie). This class is a continuation of Junior Ballet, and is strictly based on Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical. Technique and terminology are strongly used in this level. The choreography/dances and music selected in this class for our recitals are usually to tell a story through dance. 

Company Hip Hop - Co. Hip Hop is open to grades 7th-12th. This class is strictly based on Hip Hop. Warm up and core workouts are apart of the lesson plans. The class focuses on Video Hip Hop, Crumping, Stepping, Locking and Popping. 

 Milford Dance Center also offers Private Lessons. 
Please contact us for details.

2021/2022 Class Schedule

Jr. Company Jazz & Tap (5th – 8th grade)                                               5:30-7:00 
Company Jazz & Tap (9th-12th grade)                                                    7:00-8:30

2nd-3rd grade Jazz/Tap/Ballet                                                                  4:00-4:45
Petite Hip Hop (K-4th grade)                                                                   4:45-5:30 
Junior Hip Hop (5th -7th grade)                                                              5:30-6:15
Boys Hip Hop (K-6th grade)                                                                    6:15-6:45

Preschool - K Ballet & Tap (ages 4-5)                                                     4:00-4:45 
4th grade grade Jazz/Tap/Ballet                                                              4:45-5:30 
Adults Jazz/Lyrical/Hip Hop                                                                   6:30-7:30 

 Baby Ballet (ages 3-4)                                                                              3:45-4:30 
K-1st grade Jazz/Tap/Ballet                                                                    4:30-5:15 
Junior Ballet (5th – 8th grade)                                                                5:30-6:15 
Company Ballet (9th-12th grade)                                                          6:15-7:00
Company Hip Hop (8th-12th grade)                                                      7:00-7:45

Preschool – K Ballet & Tap                                                                10:30a-11:15a 
1st-2nd grade Ballet/Jazz/Tap                                                           11:15a-12:00p
3rd-4th grade Ballet/Jazz/Tap                                                           12:00p-12:45p